Martin Middelmann: Web "Dezeloper"

Professionally... What am I?

Web Developer? UX Developer? Front End Developer? Software Engineer? UI Designer? What am I?

It is really hard to classify exactly what I am. When I am on a team with mostly developers, they call me a "designer". When I am on a team that has dedicated designers, I am a developer.

I do not consider myself a designer per say. (My designer friends would also say that I am not a designer :-) )

Accessibility - WCAG 2.0

This past year I have been working on a project to get a major airline's web application updated in order to comply with the DOT mandate This link opens in a new browser window that all airlines doing business in the Unites States must have their websites meet WCAG Level AA Accessibility Criteria standards. It has been quite a learning experience and I have definitely learned a great deal over the ast year.

About - This Site

This site's primary purpose is to act as a personal sandbox for me to experiment with technologies (Currently Foundation Responsive framework). Social Networking has pretty much eliminated the need for an individual to promote themselves through a website. The best place to learn about my work history (and contact me professionally) is on LinkedIn:

Technologies, Tools, and such...