Martin Middelmann: 2014 Pan-Mass Challenge Recap

2014 Pan-Mass Challenge Recap tumblr

PMC Marty On Social Media

New for PMC 2016: PMC Marty on Periscope! @PMC_M8R

I plan on experimenting with Periscope between now and the 2016 PMC in hopes of being able to "live stream" during that weekend. (I'm going to need a really big battery!)

tumblrMarty Rides the PMC tumblr Blog

This tumblr blog is essentially my Pan-Mass Challenge journal. I'll occasionally post about training rides. I also repost my "call for donations" emails here and re-share them across various social media channels, (in 2015 this method accounted for 11 donations totalling $912 that I would not have otherwise raised :-) ).