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I have ridden the Pan-Mass Challenge 7 times and have raised nearly $40,000 for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

I am a 7 year Pan-Mass Challenge Rider

In 2009 I rode in my very first Pan-Mass Challenge. It was an incredible experience that far surpassed my expectations. The ride itself was only 2 days, the journey it took me on is life long. I learned a great deal about how cancer has affected the people in my life.

  • Right before my 20th High School reunion I reconnected with a good friend from school who wasn't going to be attending. His reason: his wife had just recently passed away from cancer and he needed to be home with his 7 year old son.
  • I've also learned about another classmate whose family has been battling Multiple Myeoloma (blood cancer).
  • I learned through FaceBook that someone I dated briefly is a cancer survivor.
  • I also reconnected with a former college roommate who has just recently been battling Multiple Myeoloma.
  • My Mother is a cancer survivor.
  • My Uncle Martin died of Stomach cancer in 2005
  • I learned that a High School Classmate of mine lost her older brother to cancer.
  • My wife's Aunt died of the same type of cancer that Ed Kennedy succumbed to.

A month before the 2009 PMC ride my step-father, Rod, was diagnosed with Renal Cancer. A week after my 2009 ride his kidney was removed. He was lucky. It turned out to be Stage 3 Renal Cancer and they believe they "got it all". He has successfully completed his chemotherapy treatments and will now be monitored in case it comes back.

[UPDATE] - Less than 2 months before my 2011 Pan-Mass Challenge ride Rod's cancer suddenly came back in the form of a brain tumor. That June he lost his battle.

So please help me raise funds to fight cancer.

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